Is Montana spray paint acrylic?

Montana Gold is an incredibly high-covering, acrylic-based specialist spray paint that fits on almost every surface, including lightweight ones. Using it into paper, asphalt, glass, wood, etc. Montana Gold dries easily and gives outstanding adhesion to the rock. The low-pressure system provides fast operation and gentle handling. Each colour in the line is extremely light-fast and CFC-free.

Is Montana spray paint acrylic? Yes, The Montana Gold collection contains 219 acrylic colours, including a variety of classic matte colours, neon colours, colours of “shake,” process colours, and colours of influence. Transparent colours are also used, allowing consumers to gain greater visual complexity and tonal variety. For great shades or shadows add them thinly or in several layers.

A regular Montana Spray Cap is included with each Container. To reach a wide range of line widths, from Ultra-Thin to Ultra Fat, you can swap this out with other Montana Spray Caps!

Montana Gold Acrylic Specialist Spray Paints must be shook before use to ensure the pigments are properly combined and other materials are matched. Keep the can upside down in one hand to do this, then hit the bottom of the can against the palm of the other. Repeat the procedure several times until the ball bearings pass easily within the tube.

Another option is to pick up two spray paint cans, one in each hand, hold them upside down and then smash the cans’ bottoms together multiple times. Since listening to the ball bearings shifting freely, shake the can violently a few times back and forth in a longitudinal direction to help mix the colour. Take caution to prevent damage to the can or injuries to the body, no matter what procedure is used.

Note on Metallic Paints

Do not use a topcoat as it can fade the shine and ruin the dazzling metallic colours look. Glossy topcoats, too, can change the look of shiny colours right out of the box. Metallic paints should also not be added on materials that are constantly rubbed — the pigments remain on top of the paint and peel and fall off with prolonged contact.

The collection has reached a whole new level with some classy new shades like Latte, Cappuccino and Make up und Toffee. The new Montana GOLD is complimented by professional sprays such as primers, varnishes and a cap cleaner, in keeping with the well-rounded approach to the collection.

The Montana GOLD lacquer guarantees massive longevity. There is no bleaching-with permanent contrast and shine, the colour of the lacquer stays vivid and perfect. The new Montana GOLD is a professional tool which offers durability and reliability for all seasons. The new GOLD’s acrylic foundation fits well on lightweight surfaces like cardboard, with no cracking at dry. When sprayed the paint surface tends to have more structure and texture than before. With its lightweight properties, the current Montana GOLD solution makes for quick transportation and storing of work performed on hard surfaces.

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