You’d agree with me that most artists are not given the recognition they deserve. Most times, it’s either because they lack platforms to show their work or nobody is just interested because they haven’t made name for themselves yet. These amongst several reasons are why many are missing these talented artists. At the sight of some of these artworks, there’s a great possibility that your jaw drops. This post shows some up and coming artists to watch in the coming years from across the globe. Ranging from the self-taught to fresh university graduates to those that haven’t gained stardom since they started. In this post likewise, we’d mention illustrators, graphic designers, and those who work with their canvas as they are all artists. Here’s a top 4 list


Elise made her Everpress debut in March 2019 as part of her contribution to the International Women’s Day campaign and she has been on the radar ever since. She worked as both an illustrator and a graphic designer and one of the interesting parts of her work is how she blends the two to create outstanding piece. She and some of her friends in Glasgow and Paris came together to co-found the Riso Sur Mer and came up with a Zine, Mirage. She also worked with the Maria Medem on a 2020 calendar for It’s Nice That x Dropbox Paper.


It is said that Nam makes words come to life. His work was discovered at the Warrior Studio/Graphic Design Festival in Scotland. One of the uniqueness of his art is the originality with typography and font – he makes the texts look like they could leap off their pages any moment. He’s based in Germany where he honed his skill at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. He made a recent poster with Mark Bohle for the MS DOCKVILLE Festival.


It becomes somewhat impossible for you to forget Lagrima’s work once you set your eyes on them. This is one of the reasons why most persons buy her arts and take them home. Her illustrator work was recognized at the BBZ Black Book at the Alternate Graduate Show where last year summer where she was one of the 10 best brilliant participating artists at the exhibition. She reprised her “Una Flor” Barcelona tee in February which was centred at exploring the unconditional love we have or give flowers.


She definitely has a knack for music visuals as she came to attention of most art lovers with her club flyers. With beautifully balanced imagery and pared-back type, the Studio Koevoet’s Nicola Van Acker has all hallmarks of music visuals. Just after two years graduating from the Belgium’s LUCA School of Arts, Nicola’s work is already breaking forth in almost all niche including the surf logos, T-shirts, and various yoga studios. You might want to check her “Make Me Horny” T-shirt which seems to have made wave in Instagram hitting over 900likes.

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