What is Montana spray paint all about?

The field of spray paint has evolved from being used exclusively for murals and street art, to applications of all sorts. New spray paint formulations with a variety of properties are being made for various applications. Cowan’s offers two sets of Montana spray paint, the Black line, and the Gold line. This blog outlines the different features of these two lines and clarifies which line is best suited for individual projects.

Montana GOLD spray paint is known for its outstanding quality. NC-Acrylic lacquer, high-covering and quick-drying. It is highly reliable, and provides the perfect medium for creative work for artists. The specially developed low-pressure system guarantees maximum accuracy while at the same time giving professional results to meet the highest demands! With a total of 215 colours, Montana GOLD provides one of the biggest and most succinct range of colours used in spray paint. You may add Montana GOLD to canvas, wood, concrete, metal, glass or even flexible surfaces.

Montana GOLD allows a new level of ease and stability when painting with spray cans, without any splitting or bleaching of colour. Our devoted team of artists and laboratory specialists have completely overhauled and perfected the current Montana GOLD colour scheme to make it perfect.


The new low pressure system makes for optimal handling. Never before has the modern level of control that can be accomplished with this been feasible. The new Montana Level Caps were designed especially for the current low pressure system, making for the most even and clear lines with the highest quality and precision.

Montana Gold dry incredibly easily. This will trigger real drying problems in the paint until it hits the desired painting surface. If the can is sprayed too far from the floor, or if the temperature is too high in the region you are working in, then the paint can eventually dry midair. In any scenario, the spray paint can leave a thin coating of powder which can scratch right off.

The Gold line may be in a low strain. This means you will have better control over the consistency of the line that is being produced when spraying. This also means that when dealing on it you will take more time, since less colour is coming out at a time, because it is less likely to spray and spill.

The line from Montana Black is a can for high pressure. This makes coating wide surfaces very effective. The black line is more likely to pass and spill, due to high pressure. You have to work efficiently to discourage running and avoid aiming at one location for any amount of time. There is a means of reducing pressure and producing lower pressure in the can. Simply hold up the tube, and press down the nozzle. This reduces heat without having to spray paint. It is also a technique for keeping the nozzles clear and free of clogging.

COLOR Scheme

The Montana GOLD colour scheme has been fully overhauled and refined to make it ideal by professionals from the artists and laboratories. Any existing colours were replaced and changed, while new colours were introduced to maximize colour values and create a variety of streaming colours.

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